You are currently viewing TWILIGHT FORCE – Power Metal at its best: `Twilight Force`Clip

TWILIGHT FORCE – Power Metal at its best: `Twilight Force`Clip

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Den 20. Januar können sich Fans des epischen Power Metals vormerken, denn dann erscheint das vierte TWILIGHT FORCE Album “At the Heart of Wintervale”. Den Titelgeber der neuen Scheibe hat die selbsternannte „Adventure Metal“ Band aus Schweden heute als Lyricvideo vorgestellt.

Die Band schreibt auf ihren Social Media Kanälen:

“Hear ye, all mortals of the Twilight Kingdoms! Hear ye!!

After what feels like aeons, we can finally proudly unveil the details of our fourth opus:


The breathtaking and dramatic cover artwork is once again created by the brilliantly skilled Kerem Beyit. It depicts the tale told in the title track of the album – where an evil curse is broken, and an ancient dragon may finally roam the realms again, free and unfettered!

‘At the Heart of Wintervale’ is set to be unleashed on January 20th. While the dwarven forges are busy assembling the physical manifestations of the album, we can all use some time to brush up on old incantations, polish dusty daggers, and re-stir murky potions – for this glorious quest will be upon us before we know it, and for that we must be prepared!

‘At the Heart of Wintervale’ will consist of 8 captivating tales from far and wide, and will have a running time of approximately 45 minutes. The songs are all stories and legends from the Twilight Kingdoms, gathered over years of meticulous research, and will further explore and delve into the vast and magical world of its realms.“