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Ambient Black Metal : MITOCHONDRIAL SUN mit ‘Sju Pulsarer‘ Video

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MITOCHONDRIAL SUN heißt die Band von ex-DARK TRANQUILLITYs Niklas Sundin. Sein neues Material vereint sphärische elektronische  und instrumental Sounds mit Black Metal zu einer intensiv, wilden neuen Mischung, die weit weniger ruhig ist, als noch beim Debüt. Ambient Black Metal.

 ”The debut album was meticulously crafted, with a lot of time spent working on the instrumentation to make sure that each song would have its own distinct style and unique set of sounds. This time, I wanted to create something from the completely opposite vantage point. All songs – apart from the ambient outro – are all in a similar vein, performed with the same instruments, and read more like chapters in a book than separate entities. The intensity of the music and the repetitive and monotonous nature of the arrangements are meant to invoke a trance-like experience;  all in all it’s a short and focused album that’s best suited for concentrated listening from the beginning to the end.”